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What's up at the business location Düsseldorf?

BREXIT and its implications for Japanese companies

Review - Seminar on September 14th 2016

The British vote to leave the European Union came as a surprise to most observers in Europe and abroad. While the British government has confirmed that it will follow through with leaving the EU, a clear exit strategy has not been drafted, yet. Accordingly the consequences of the decision are currently not clear. A number of companies operating in Britain are likely to be forced to rethink their business strategies in Europe.

from left to rigth: Ryuta Mizuuchi (Consul General, Japanese Consulate General Düsseldorf), Masayoshi Watanabe (Director General of JETRO Düsseldorf), Uwe Kerkmann (Director Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf), Petra Wassner (CEO NRW.INVEST), Jiro Kobayashi (President of Japanese Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Prof. Dr. Werner Pascha (Universität Duisburg-Essen, Institute of East Asian Studies

On the other hand it will be difficult for companies to handle all of the possible consequences of Brexit just in time along with the results of the upcoming negotiations. As most of the Japanese companies in Europe have made North-Rhine Westphalia with its capital city Düsseldorf their main hub in the EU the possible scenarios and effects of BREXIT are of great interest and concern.

About three months after the vote,  NRW.INVEST and the City of Düsseldorf took the initiative to update the relevant information and shared the positions of The City of Düsseldorf and the State of North-Rhine Westphalia.

From Hamburg to Düsseldorf

One of the world’s largest paper manufacturers, Chenming from China, is re-locating its European headquarters from Hamburg to Düsseldorf. The Office of Economic Development was of assistance in the search for suitable premises.

The move by the Chinese concern Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd. underlines the significance of Düsseldorf for Chinese companies. More than 400 of them have opened subsidiaries in the state capital in recent years, many of which are German or European head offices.

Website Chenming

New European Headquarters in Düsseldorf

Asahi Kasei, a leading Japanese manufacturer of fibres and textiles, chemicals and electronic components, is merging several of its subsidiaries to form Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH. The opening of the new European headquarters in Düsseldorf was celebrated in June. The Office of Economic Development, in particular its International Business Service, was a sought-after partner in the consolidation process.

Website Asahi Kasei

Wacom moves its European headquarters to Düsseldorf

The world’s leading supplier of digital user-interface technologies, Wacom Co., Ltd., has re-located its European head office from Krefeld to the state capital of North-Rhine Westphalia. Part of a strong global network, Wacom Europe GmbH has leased around 3500 m2 of office space for this purpose at Völklingerstraße 1 in Düsseldorf. The 150 employees moved into their new premises in the "Silvers" office complex in July. Wacom is what’s known as a "hidden champion", producing styluses for graphics tablets. After searching all over Europe and considering locations in Berlin and Paris, the company ultimately decided on the move from Krefeld to Düsseldorf.

Website Wacom

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